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Don't think I can handle this... a cloudy day in Metropolis.

Cloudy Day PBs
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pb icons by RJChasez
About The Community: Cloudy Day pbs is a pb icon community. "Pb" means "played-by", if you're not aware, and in the world of online roleplaying, or rp, it pertains to which actor/actress/musician/celebrity is "playing" your character. Since these sort of icons are blank, they can generally be used for celebrity roleplay, as well.
There are a few rules at this community, just like any other, and they are as follows:
*If you take anything, please credit me or the community. If you need instructions on how to do so, feel free to ask.
*If you do take anything, or if you'd like to just compliment my work, leave a comment.
*NO BASHING. I will not tolerate any sort of bashing in this community, rather it's aimed at me, my work, or members/watchers of the community.
*I will take requests, but they might be slow in coming. If you make a request, please comment with a link, containing up to twenty pictures you'd like iconned. A request post will be up at a later date.
Oh, and wondering what song this community is named after? That would be Jimmy Olsen's Blues.
About The Maker: rjchasez. comic book nerd. superman fangirl. lois lane idolizer. disenchanted smallville fan. chlark shipper. chlois believer and supporter. icon maker. fic writer. roleplayer.
What You'll Find Here: 100x100 blank icons of various actors and actresses who have appeared in comic-based tv shows and/or movies, as well as icons of various celebrities I feel would make great pbs for certain comic book characters. On occasion, you might see a random pb post, but more often than not, it will have something to do with comic-related characters. Other than icons, you might also see profile banners and journal headers. Questions? Feel free to ask.

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